Golf Construction

Viridity is a premier golf course construction company specializing in high-quality new build and renovation projects of all sizes, from entire course construction to one-off course maintenance and landscapes. We bring passion, precision, and expertise to every project, ensuring that each course we create is a masterpiece in itself.


Our Services

Viridity provides an array of services to accommodate your golf course construction or renovation needs.

Earthwork & Shaping

We specialize in expert earthwork and shaping services, shaping the earth into picturesque landscapes for the ultimate golfing experience.

Green Construction

Our expert team blends precision engineering with natural beauty, creating lush, championship-quality golf courses that captivate golfers of all skill levels.

Tee Construction

With a commitment to precision, quality, and innovation, we create teeing grounds that meet the highest standards of the golf industry and enhance the overall golfer experience.

Bunker Construction

Elevate your golf course to the next level with our Better Billy Bunker Certified team of experts, committed to creating bunkers that enhance the golfer’s experience and overall appeal.


Our specialized drainage services ensure optimal playability, preserving the beauty and functionality of your course while managing water effectively.


 Our master irrigation specialists offer comprehensive irrigation services to maintain your course’s playability, aesthetics, and environmental sustainability while ensuring its long-term health and performance.


Our expert team provides top-notch grassing services, ensuring lush fairways and greens that exceed your expectations

Golf Infrastructure

Our experts carefully craft functional, attractive, and enjoyable infrastructures. Our attention to detail, quality materials, and proper planning ensure the course meets the needs of players and the environment.


 Elevate your golf course vision with our expert golf course consultation services. We specialize in grow-in and design consultations, ensuring your course reaches its full potential.

Featured Projects

Explore our portfolio of work to witness the beauty and diversity of the golf courses we’ve worked with. Each project is a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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